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Our Cause

Established in 2016, we at Tamana Skill Development Sublimation Unit have learnt the art of fusing technology with art and technology with craft to create visual magic.  We have created a restful creative space where art inspires their imagination. This is that space where not only do the New ideas grow but a place where those new ideas get actualized and executed. It is here where you see how beautifully technology blends with tradition.

It is here that children not only dream up stories but solidify their stories through images that get sublimated into a colourful dreamland. It becomes a place of growth, imagination and laughter.

We draw inspiration from the world around us. Where little things are not little!  where smallest milestones are celebrated and where we are just so thankful for progress, not perfection.

Students with their Stories


Pramod is 22 years old. Born with Cerebral Palsy Pramod overcame his severity and learnt to live his life to the fullest.

Painting is his passion and loves to paint nature, vast landscapes and green meadows.

He started visiting Sublimation Unit. We helped him search images he would like to print on the Canvas. He chose a painting by a renowned artist of London in winters. Pramod was so excited to experience the process from searching and selecting his own image to printing on the Canvas.


Malika is a class 11th Student at Tamana Nai Disha, She is an avid collector of Feathers, Stamp and Sea Shells.

She wanted to possess a box where she could collect all of her small collection and wanted to call it her “Box of Treasure.” We showed her few pictures and helped her design her own box. A very quick learner she printed the design and was so excited to see the outcome.

She now says her box is full already and need one more to keep her beautiful and colourful bird feathers.


Malhar is a start performer at Tamana Sublimation Unit. He is now trained to print Mugs and T-Shirts with minimal supervision.

He loves new Challenges and is always keen to operate upon Sublimation Machines.   Be it Mother’s Day, Diwali or Rakhi, he wants to print personalized KeyChains, Mugs, Mobile Pouch and gift it to his family members and friends.

He is now fully trained to design, print and pack orders. He can now successfully complete bulk orders. Malhar has now been promoted to even train his fellow Students at the Sublimation Unit.


Everyone knew Anmol as a shy and a quite boy. But his shyness was short lived when
he voiced his fascination for his Bollywood Star Salman Khan.

He Sublimated his very first Coffee Mug superimposing his picture with “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” – Salman Khan



Shushant, very methodical,  jumps into the COLOURFUL WORLD of Tamana Skill Development Sublimation Unit where he learns to blend various colors.

Sometimes it is the vibrant mix of the brilliance of sun set orange or the flaming reds and blues.

Other times, it’s just the gold finding its way into the different hues…He wanted to capture different shades of colours, mixed with each other and came up with a thought of printing a Wall Clock for his room.



Avi is an ardent fan of the animated characters and loves playing Football.

He lives in the beautiful and colourful world of comics. He visits the Flintstones in his dreams.

Narrating one such episode from his favourite Flintstones series, he realise that Flintstones can be part of his life even while he is having a mug of milk.

Yabba Dabba Doo !